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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Harrysong in Disbelief After Seeing The Number of People That Unfollowed Hushpuppi

Nigerian singer, Harrysong has reacted to friends of Hushpuppi discarding him after news that he got arrested went surfaced on the internet.

Popular socialite, Hushpuppi was arrested by Interpol for being involved in a coronavirus bailout fund scam. Hushpuppi was reportedly said to have siphoned an enormous amount of funds meant for unemployed Americans. Immediately the news hit the internet, people noticed that his number of followers significantly went down and it looked like his trusted friends of his inner circus had blocked him.

Harrysong was one of the people who noticed this drastic decline and took to his Ingharm page to speak about how people were so quick to abandon him without knowing the full story.

He wrote:
“See How quickly people started unfollowing hushpuppy as soon as they heard he’s been arrested, without even asking to know the real and true story, after all the giveaways of millions o. Wat lesson did you learn from this matter right about now ? #rantheEP ???"

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