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Friday, April 10, 2020

Is Kudos Alujoonu Throwing Shades at Kabex?, Check This Out

Hello guyz, there's a post seen on Kudos Alujonu Facebook page, where he recently posted two of his photos showing him in a music studio, and he captioned them;
"In The First Picture I Was Actually Talking if The Barz I Dropped Won't Wound Your Self Acclaimed Best Rapper 🤔🤪😁But After Giving It a Second Thought In The Second Picture I Concluded That Of He Wan Die Make He Die bb"
Screenshot below;
And if we all could remember, the only self acclaimed Best Rapper is Kabex, because even his Social media pages also shows "Best Indigenous Rapper".

So what do you think about this guys?

Is Kudos Alujoonu Throwing Shades at Kabex?,
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