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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Now I can expose my face and smile better - Excited Lady Says After Removal Of Her Head Tumour (Photos)

A woman is overwhelmed with joy after undergoing a surgery to remove a tumor in her head which she had been carrying for eight years now. According to her, the growth made her feel bad with low esteem as she tried to cover it up with different hairstyles.
Below is what the excited woman said after the successful surgery;
"This is the best day of my life. I have carried this tumour in my head for about 8 years. It makes me feel bad with very low self esteem. All my hairstyles are made to cover this shame. I have been to plenty hospitals to no avail.

When I heard there was free surgery coming to Owo I told myself my solution has come, that whatever it takes I will register. I came in and I was thinking I was going to even pay for registration then alas!!! every thing was free. From my test to my surgery then my take home drugs."
See more photos of her below;

Congratulations to her.

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