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Saturday, March 9, 2019

#EruwaDecides, Bayo Olaniyan, Adebo Ogundoyin, or Mark Akinyode?

Aborode Taofeek Oyeniyi
CEO Eruwa Youth Awards.

It's no secret again that the 2019 OYo State House of Assembly election is a straight fight between three contestants. Bayo Olaniyan of APC, Adebo Ogundoyin of PDP, and Mark Akinyode of ADC.
It's time for ERUWA to decide and decision will be based on several factors operating in Oyo State. Let's analyse the 3 candidates together.

He is the son of the popular late Chief Ogundoyin. Late Chief ogundoyin was a popular businessman both in Nigeria and Abroad. He took ERUWA as his personal project and through projects, established the town as a force to reckon with in Eruwa. Late Chief Ogundoyin is a Philanthropist. Adebo Ogundoyin climbed on his father's image to replace the late speaker through an election in the year 2018. He tagged himself as "Omo Oloore" which means "Son of The Benevolent Chief". People voted for him to replace the late Speaker Adeyemo and he won against the ruling party. Adebo's victory at the poll started the PDP revolution in the state. He is 32 years old and young. He is highly educated and knowledgeable too. He has demonstrated excellence in just few months he has used. Even as a legislator and in just few months used, he has done projects for his constituency, both ERUWA and LANLATE. He is a model to youths and tactically woke alot of youths up to also participate heavily in politics. Should Eruwa and Lanlate vote for Adebo Ogundoyin, what do we stand to gain? Adebo is the only PDP legislator in Oyo State House of Assembly at the moment. If the PDP Tsunami that happened during the 2019 Presidential election should happen again, Seyi Makinde will be the Governor and the house of assembly will be dominated by PDP honourables. As a loyal honorable to PDP in the House despite being the only one and with his good qualities, Adebo Ogundoyin might be compensated with being the Speaker. We should not forget that he delivered his constituency for the presidential election and literally made Ibarapa East the headquarters of PDP in Oyo State. Being a Speaker or not, if Seyi Makinde should be the Governor, Adebo will bring a lot of goodwill to Ibarapa East such as Commissioners and some other good positions. Adebo Ogundoyin is very close to Davido. History made us know they went to the same school and being children from rich backgrounds, they ve been close friends to the extent that the most popular artiste in Africa, Davido is campaigning for Adebo on Social media. If Adebo wins, he will bring massive influence of entertainment to Ibarapa East consulting people like Davido. No matter how good someone may be, there will always be a black spot. Adebo Ogundoyin don't really support projects done by individuals no matter how big and meaningful the projects may be which is unusual of his family's ideology. Also, the 7 man aside football competition wasn't expected from him. To announce Eruwa to the world and also harness talents in Ibarapa East Local Government, he would have gotten a slot in the amateur league of Nigeria Football league for his late Dad's football club "Ogundoyin Babes". I see them being in the Nigeria Premier League in five years. But if he won't make the move, youth development will stay away with 7 man aside competition. It will be a good move to have Adebo Ogundoyin back in the house if the PDP Tsunami will happen again. It's a 50/50 chance. Seyi Makinde of the PDP is one of the best candidates to win. Seyi has the biggest platform to win as OYo State people are tired of Ajimobi's rule. But can Eruwa take the gamble and vote Adebo? What if Tinubu's intervention works and APC Bayo Adelabu comes in?

He is the son of the popular late King of Eruwa Oba Gbajumola Olaniyan. Late Oba Gbajumola Olaniyan was a powerful king and through good governance, brought alot of developments into ERUWA. History made it known that Oba Olaniyan never supported any bad movement even if he will benefit from it financially or thereabout. He retained popuplar Awojobi and established the clinic himself as part of commitment to develop ERUWA amongst several others. Alot of people in Ibarapa East were raised by Oba Olaniyan's governance and Eruwa feels indebted to him. Bayo Olaniyan, his candidature has brought confusion as he is contesting against another young good son of the soil. He is a credible candidate. Bayo resigned as a lecturer in Oyo State College of Education to contest. He is Young, intelligent and very friendly to everybody. One will wonder at times if it's Bayo Olaniyan as he is always with people of different classes. He is always in the midst of people evenfar before his candidature. Also, he has shown pure readiness as he was a PA to the late Speaker Adeyemo for good 6 years. He has learnt and studied during those years and has shown it in several debates attended. He is always supporting projects even with his presence. But coming from the APC, will ERUWA vote for him? The Governor Ajimobi's governance which is believed by people to be tyrannical has given the party bad outings. Even the Governor lost his Senatorial bid. Will people forget the Governor's deeds and vote Bayo Olaniyan? Will Bayo Olaniyan bring positions and development if Tinubu's intervention pays off and APC gains ground in Oyo State again?

He is one of the best Eruwa has ever produced. He has shown pure intelligent. Highly brilliant and with powerful intellects. Mark Akinyode studied abroad and established in Ghana at the moment. He won the primary that produced Late Speaker Adeyemo in 2014 but was made to drop the ticket. You will agree with me that he should be allowed to hold an administrative position even if he lose out on this ambition. You just need to meet him once to agree. His level of intelligence is extremely high. He just got settled down in Eruwa which is a black spot for him. Someone like him should have been established in the town long before. But does he stand a chance in this 2019 election? He is in a new party ADC, is the party good for him to get people's vote? Will people identify him with the party easily? Will he put a good fight with other candidates?.


  1. ...good write up and I pray the best for us that area will emerge convincingly. Good job ATO

    1. Yea.. Thanks for the feedback..Eruwa is going to be great again IJN.

  2. Enter your comment... Hmmmmmmmmm! this is a tight and convincing situation. all of them are true son of the soil (Eruwa), they've all contributed to the development of Eruwa in one way or the other. It's only God that can choose for us. May God Almighty help us.


    1. Yea that's true.. I also wish all of them can be elected into the house, but it's a pity the seat is only for one person and it's a game of the Survival.. Let's just wait till weekend when we go out to cast our votes and wait for the results from INEC.