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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Atiku is a Corruption Master and Been Backed by Saraki – Ashiwaju Adebowale Boboye Says

A Nigerian young politician, Ashiwaju Adebowale Boboye has voice out to reveal some hidden facts about Nigeria and her nearest future.

Ashiwaju Adebowale Boboye said "Atiku is a Corruption master and been backed by Saraki".

The young politician said this today 20th February 2019, in an interview with Teelamford while he was asked "Either Buhari nor Atiku?". And he responded, there is no presidential in any of them. Though Buhari is better than Atiku but bad people spoiled his rulings.

In his words he said;
"Brother, am not partisan, I only support credible candidates.I have no presidential among the two.Buhari  is far better than Atiku But he's surrounded by corrupt people.Atiku is a Corruption master and been backed by Saraki.Brother if you check my Facebook timeline you will never see anything related to Buhari or Atiku".

Then Teelamford said "Sir, Upon being a DPD member.. You still speaks Neutrally this way?"

And Ashiwaju Adebowale Boboye responded again saying;

"That is me.Am not a die hard fan of any party.... If their structure won't suit my generation and my unborn generation I will move to another to achieve my goals.... Hope'27".

After revealing all this, Ashiwaju Adebowale Boboye was asked if he is a Politician or Not?.. Because many Nigerian politicians this days denies being a Politician using some reasons as excuse.

And he boldly responded;

"Then I was an Activist But Now Am Into Politics".
Off to you Teelamford readers, what do you have to say about this?. Share your opinions in the comments box below.