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Friday, January 25, 2019

LAMFORD – Letter to all Nigerian Upcoming Artistes

Famous Nigerian all round Blogger and CEO of Teelamford.comAdemuyiwa Jonathan Olamide, well known as Lamford. Shared a letter to support and ginger the hustling spirit of all Nigerian Upcoming artistes struggling to survive in the Nigeria Music Industry and Entertainment Industry at large.

See the Letter below;

Hello all my fellow Nigerians, all Upcoming Artistes specifically. 

Forget that you're not rich, forget that you're an Upcoming Artiste.. There's no Upcoming anywhere. Anybody can blow at any point in time.. YOU GONN MAKE IT WHEN YOUR TIME COMES.  

Never believe that you can't be heard and known if you don't get signed to a record label or by any organization.
Don't wait for any record label to sign you.All you need is make GOOD SONGS, work with a good Producer, work with other producers too, so you can know and understand your voice and ability to handle any Beats or Producer that comes your way,.. Make love with your fans.. Never settle for Less.. 

And Mainly.. Always try all your possible best to promote all your Songs, NO Exceptions.
The reason is: You cannot sit in your house and expect the world to hear and know you... Promote your songs on Websites, Promote your songs on social media's. 

Pocket your pride, Love your fans (Both Supporting and those that are not Supporting you), Pray to your God, Never settle for Less. Never Relent..
Belive me.. No one will be able to stop you.. 

May God bless all Artistes Trying to be great in Life. Much love.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ "

IG:- @ademuyiwateelamford
Twitter:- @Teelamford

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