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Sunday, December 2, 2018

DOWNLOAD KingEzzy – Ashiri [Full Album] (All Songs/Tracks)

DOWNLOAD KingEzzy – Ashiri [Full Album] (All Songs/Tracks)

After much anticipation, fast rising singer KingEzzy has released his debut album Ashiri.

The album feature KingEzzy hit singles Logo Mi, Puma, Loju Oja alongside latest efforts Yahoo Boy and other unreleased songs.

Also, Real Young, AOB, Dot6ix featured on the album.

Enjoy Below..
1. KingEzzyLogo Mi DOWNLOAD
2. KingEzzyMo Taka Oshi DOWNLOAD
3. KingEzzy – Puma DOWNLOAD
4.  KingEzzy Ft.Real Young – Kelegbe DOWNLOAD
5. KingEzzy – Ashiri DOWNLOAD
6. KingEzzy Ft.AOB – Loju Oja DOWNLOAD
7. KingEzzy Ft. Small Fash – Kofun DOWNLOAD
8. KingEzzy E Ft. Isreal – Gbe Body DOWNLOAD
9. KingEzzy – Holly Micheal DOWNLOAD
10. KingEzzy – Tiodo DOWNLOAD
11. KingEzzy – Yahoo Boy DOWNLOAD
12. KingEzzy Ft. Reminisce – Tuale DOWNLOAD
13. KingEzzy – Mule  DOWNLOAD
14. KingEzzy Ft. Dot6ix – Hungry Tiger DOWNLOAD
15. KingEzzyMailo DOWNLOAD
 Bonus Tracks;
16. KingEzzy Ft. Dj Frosh – Lobe DOWNLOAD
17. KingEzzySunnepa DOWNLOAD
19. KingEzzy Ft. Timmy Turner– Rhotious DOWNLOAD
20. KingEzzy Ft. Opy Success– Shagbana DOWNLOAD

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