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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"The True Meaning of Friendship" - Nigerian Actor & Comedian, Olajuwon Oko Maamee

Nigerian Actor, Comedian, and also MC, Lawal Olajuwon Olabiyi,  popularly known as Oko Maamee or MC JayFirst has speaks clearly in a video, showing some hidden things about the word "Friendship".
See below..

"Good day ladies and gentlemen. My name is Lawal Olajuwon Olabiyi. But people calls me "Oko Maamee".

Yeah, I'm here to talk about "FRIENDSHIP".

What do we call Friendship?

Friendship is the relationship between true friends. We have two type of friends.

What do I mean by "True Friends" ?

True friends are more than a friend. They're just like a burden. Whenever you need them, they are always around, weather you're sad, weather you're happy, weather you're in pains, weather you're in sorrow, you will always find a true friend, they will always be a back bone. When ever you need them they will always come around, even when you don't need them they always be there. At your back, they're always faithful.
There's nothing you can compare with two friends.

Now let me talk about "Fair-weather" friends.

  1. What do I mean by Fair-weather friends?.

Those are the one's that you see around whenever you're at the top.

My brother, whenever you comes down, you can never find them again. They will be no where to be find.

See, they are the type that use to pretend. They are made of the type that will just blow a character with you.

Though the Bible says,
"One who choose unreliable friends, will soon go down".

My brother and my sister, let ask ourselves, "What type of friend are you to your friend?, are you a True Friend? Or a Fair-weather?.
We need to ask ourselves.

Thank you so very much.
Still remains your loyal boy, Olajuwon Oko Maamee.
See you some other time."

If you wish to watch the video. Then download below..

Click HERE to download.

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