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Saturday, November 25, 2017

I Won't Take $hit From Any Actress In The Industry - Antar Laniyan Speaks

As known with famous Nollywood Actor, Antar Laniyan to a fault. He is a no nonsense man and best at his craft. Now Antar Laniyan just had a chat with Saturday Beats and made it confirmed again that he remains a no nonsense man.

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He says he never allows ladies bribe him with their bodies and if there's anything they have to prove, they will have to do that with their talents. According to the actor in his words...

"If you are disciplined and you don’t put romance with women first as an actor, you would go far. If you believe that as an actor, you don’t need women all around you, then you would remain relevant because you would concentrate on your craft. I directed ‘SuperStory’ for about 10 years but no woman entered my room in the camp. You can ask Wale Adenuga himself. There were amorous advances from women but I shunned them. I am feared while on set. As a lady, you cannot see me and have the courage to approach me with your amorous advances. People would even tell you not to try it with me; they would advise the ladies not to wink at me because I would just slap them. It is not that I am wicked but I want my cast and crew members to do what is expected of them. You don’t have to give me anything to gain what you do not deserve. Use your talent and let me acknowledge that you are good at your work. You don’t have to bribe me with your body.

When I am working, I let discipline guide me. I don’t care if you are befriending the producer; but as a director, I want a disciplined actor in front of me. I do not go to the location to wine and dine; instead I go to work. When it comes to working, I am like a man that goes to the war front with the mindset of winning the war. If I don’t face my work squarely, it is the same people that are commending me that would condemn me and I don’t want that. I want to be an evergreen actor. Look at the likes of Oga Bello and Prince Jide Kosoko, they started in 1964 and they are still relevant today. At the time they started, I was just a year old".

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