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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Reasons You Should Never Receive Phone Calls With Your Right Ear But Only With Your Left Ear

I'm sure you have heard about the fact that you should use only your left ear to answer phone calls for some reasons or maybe one reason (the hoax is all over the internet by the way).

According to some researchers, the Apollo Medical Team to be precise, your brain is closer to the right ear, so if you use the right ear to answer phone calls, then your brain will be more prone to radiations (remember they told us that radiation gave rats cancer the last time. Wow!!!). 

So, your favorite health blogger took his time to dig out some skeletons, to find the truth about which ear you should use to answer your phone calls, is it left or right?

Now, it makes more sense to answer phone calls with your left hand because your right hand could necessarily be busy, but that should not be a must. 

So, according to online and offline sources, you can answer your phones calls with any ear or hand you choose. 

The research done by the Apollo Medical Team did not carry any evidence that should make you panic in anyway.

What about radiation to my brain? 

Actually, you shouldn't be worried about that, instead you should be worrying about the phone you are using (if you permit me to say worrying). 

The image below shows radiation pattern in talking positions. At (a) 0.8 GHz, (b) 1.8 GHz with the right hand. At (c) 0.8 GHz, (d) 1.8GHz with the left hand. 

As you can there is no difference in radiation patterns even if you answer with your left ear or right ear or even if you put the phone on your head (Wait! that is not an option).

So, what you should be worried about. The phones you are using. And it is not the radiation you should be worried about, but getting the best signal. 

Here are some graphs I was able to dig out you should look into. 

Yea, you may not understand all that, well I didn't understand it all either. But here is what you should note. 

Some phone brands work better on the right side while others on the left side. So in case you are falling to get a good signal you might want to switch over. 

For example HTC Desire performs better on the right side for all band. iPhones depend on the frequencies for better performance, same goes for many phone brands like Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi and Nexus. 

Note: if you phone is less than 10% then the phone receives maximum radiation, you should be careful about the amount of radiation you absorb to reduce the risk of having health complications, so its better to charge it up or switch to another battery. 

So there you have it. A bit technical, but I hope I simplified it enough for you all. 

By - Fitness Doctor, Paul Samuel

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