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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Some Helpful Hints For All Nigerian Graduate

Nowadays, many Nigerian graduates have a false idea of life after graduating and serving. I was chatting with an undergraduate one day when she told me she can't take any job that doesn't pay at least N500,000. I was shocked to my bones.


Graduates needs to brace up to reality and accept that they have to work hard to make a successful career after school. So, below.. are 5 timeless lessons for every Nigerian graduate;

(1). Don't rely on your course of study - Be ready to diversify 
More than 50% of bank workers didn't study banking and finance or related courses. Sane can be said of so many professions too.

If you're in a course where employment opportunity is limited, eg Zoology, you would agree you might not end up in a zoo or around animals.
The solution is to begin to diversify in your knowledge and skill acquisition or trade. Get certifications to fit in other fields or learn something, e.g. tailoring and become a fashion designer.

(2). Don't Wait for Employment 
Every graduate irrespective of their final grade in the university, polytechnic or colleges expects to serve and get a job straight off. This feeling is even automatic among those finishing with first class, 2nd class upper or Higher credit.

Prepare yourself for anything, start thinking of at least a source of income, if possible more right from your final year in school or during your youth service. That dream job might not come automatically.

(3). Don't give up 
Need we emphasize this further? If you give up, your dream dies - keep going, keep doing the right things and you'll sure to stand out with time.

(4). Don't expect a bank business loan 
For those who have 1 & 2 sorted out, and looking to be young entrepreneurs, don't wait for a bank loan, you might not meet their requirements, so don't wait.
The solution could talking to family and friends, colleagues for partnership or part sponsoring.

(5). Don't lose your school, NYSC contacts 
Keep your contacts, they are your first client. It's easier to convince family and friends to patronize you, that could then build your CV, portfolio or profile which would be used to get more clients. Value your links, don't lose them.

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